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Innovate For Rare and Unmet Needs

You are not alone.  Your condition may be rare; people may have never heard of it before; you may not even be able to pronounce it.  It may impact you physically, mentally or emotionally.  But, you won't let it overcome you, and we want to help.  We are dedicated to finding supportive therapies based on scientific success and improved quality of life studies.  And, we believe in development protocols that start with evaluating natural ingredients and using clean formulas.  An example, our flagship Innova V1 is the only hypopigmentation therapy that addresses all four main potential causes of Vitiligo using natural compounds.


Develop Advanced Biologic Agents

We are different.  Our medical professionals, formulation scientists, and nutritionists understand that technology and ingredients in the health care field are consistently progressing.  We strive to be a leader to that progress.  Our team uses advanced natural compounds to meet unmet and rare health and wellness conditions. In a world of artificially driven drug development we first look to the natural human body and its biological needs and potential deficiencies. 


Help You Support A Better Quality Of Life

We develop scientifically tested skin therapies for vitiligo and for other health challenges that impact quality of life, that are safe and void of fine print side effects; we manufacture them in approved FDA facilities in the USA; and we offer them in three categories: prescription only Rx - physician supervised medical foods - specialized high potency nutritional supplements.


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