The Mission

Improve quality of life for rare and unmet health and wellness needs by applying advanced natural compounds with demonstrated scientific success.


Our Founder & CEO comes from a successful career in health and wellness, pioneering for top skincare, supplement, Rx and OTC companies.  He was one of a small group of people that initiated and made possible the first ever dermatologic study (conducted by leading research physicians at Northwestern University) to test skin therapies for the side effects experienced by people undergoing harsh cancer treatments.  From helping increase the awareness and potential quality of life solutions for cancer patients to helping lead one of the largest nutritional companies in the world, one could say that creating an innovative healthcare company was in the cards... but a very different situation started InnovaBiologics. 

"You see, my closest friend and wife of more than 15 years suddenly started losing skin pigment after 40 years of age.  The impact on her self esteem, emotional well-being and physical appearance was astonishing.  The condition is known as Vitiligo.  After extensive research we learned that the cause is uncertain and existing treatments rarely work and often come with harsh side effects.  This was not good enough.  So we tried.  Then, we tried harder and smarter.  Many times.  A surprising amount of time, investment and brainpower was spent... but progress and new findings were made."

Vitiligo is just one condition that is hard to overcome.  There are many rare and unmet needs, and they impact many of us. InnovaBiologics was founded to utilize deep health industry experience, novel ingredients, and substantiated science.  We innovate for solutions that improve quality of life to those effected by unlikely and unexpected health challenges.