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Innova V1 & V2

Vitiligo treatment

V1:  A complex therapy made with plant based compounds and naturally derived antioxidant agents to deliver multiple mechanisms of action including: melanin production and cellular synthesis for melanocyte regeneration and repigmentation, proper inflammatory response, immune function, and amino acid homocysteine regulation. Innova V1 is currently the only product available that addresses all four main potential causes of Vitiligo.

V2:  Preclinical Vitiligo treatment Innova V1 with 5g folate dose, Rx only*

Innova BP1


Prostate and bladder support to decrease the risk of and reduce the challenges associated with an unhealthy prostate and frequent urination.  Three bioactive compounds are combined for the most powerful solution*

Innova AH1


A planned FDA NDA pathway, this dual action bi-layer delivery system is destined to improve patient standard of care and compliance, as well as potentially reduce treatment costs for millions of people with pre-hypertension and high blood pressure level 1 & 2.

Innova UT1


Traditionally UTIs are treated with chemical antibiotics.  These take a toll in reducing your immune system's response to other diseases and future UTI occurences.  Stop UTIs before they occur with Innova UTI A2-Type proanthocyanidin therapy with patented delivery and active potency to maximize anti-adhesion of UPEC*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnosis, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.